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Fast, High Quality & Stress Free Collaboration for Digital Agencies & Teams.

Create an easy and, dare we say, fun workflow experience for you, your team and your clients, to increase project profitability and eliminate client delays.
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3 Months to 1 Month Avg. Project Completion

Hite Creative is a super fast growing agency that provide a full service to their clients including branding, website and marketing. They leverage Atarim to close deals with clients as their collaboration system and tripled their service delivery!

We Can Close Way More Sales Now

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Tatiana C.

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Trusted by 5,000+ Agencies & 120,000+ of Their Clients,
As Recommended By…

Gather Content Approve Designs Provide Support

Collaborate Visually, on a... Visual Project

Save a lot of time and double productivity with a visual point & click proven system. Ending misunderstanding and back & forth with clients.

Clarity For Your Team, While Empowering Clients

Requests are organized for you in your dashboard, allowing your team to easily take care of your clients from one platform.

Centralized Communications Throughout Your Agency

Create an easy workflow for you and your team, taking all of your client’s requests from start to finish, inside one single platform dedicated to agencies.

Visually Communicate

Collaborate with your clients their live websites with post-it notes, replacing outdated methods like email and dropbox

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A Secure Cloud Application

All requests on live websites are organized and viewable in your app, enabling you to one click login and get straight to the work

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My Clients LOVE IT

This has saved me so much time and confusion, my clients now simply send my requests and I have all of the information I need to get the work done.

Every single part is well thought out and I have changed all my processes to include this tool as it is worth it.

Now I’m setup to deal with all projects from start to finish and I can’t get rid of the 10 other tools I’ve been using. 

Sarah Crawford - A Lined Design

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A Brand New Inbox

A new way to receive requests, where emails become tasks on your client’s websites

Manage All Projects Easily

Have all of your work inside one platform, replacing emails, ticketing systems, project management systems & the 10 other tools you are using

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Connect To Your Existing Workflow

Integrate Atarim into your existing workflow using native integrations and webhooks

The Platform Dedicated To You

Developed strictly for agencies like you

80% of Atarim is built from our user’s feedback, where every feature is heavily considered towards providing an amazing experience for agencies.

One platform for every stage of a project

Whether you are just starting a project, in the middle or providing maintenance and support, Atarim can be used at all stages.

Cut out all of the fluff in your communications

We waste a lot of time talking about requests, instead of closing them. Atarim is designed to get you and your team to the work, faster.

We're not talking about minutes or hours.
We're in the game of saving weeks and months per project.

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How Rosie Went From 6 Months Average Project Completion to 6 Weeks with Atarim

Rosie productized her agency leveraging Atarim for swift delivery on all fronts: From gathering the content, approving the designs as well as providing support through what she and her clients refer to as “The Bubbles”.

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How Andrew Delivered a 3 Week Website Project in 3 Days

Andrew shares how our platform allowed him to double his revenue without hiring additional team members and 10Xed his agency’s profitability

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How Alan Reduced His Time Dealing With Tasks to a 1/3 Within 1 Week

Alan was trying to launch a product to scale his agency further but was pulled back to dealing with clients which slowed down his product launch. 1 week after adding Atarim, he dropped 75% of the day to day time he’s managing his team while customer satisfaction went up!

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How Dan Saves 3 Hours Every Single Day Using Atarim

Every morning Dan would visit his email inbox and for every email he would create a task in a spreadsheet to delegate to his team. With Atarim, it’s all done for him, saving him 3 hours EVERY DAY! 

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Managing Your Work Efficiently

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300% Time Improvement In Design Approval From Clients

Web Dev Studios literally wrote the book(s) on WordPress, they deal with massive client’s where multiple stakeholders are involved.

Atarim empowers WebDevStudios to consolidate their feedback and requests from their clients, allowing them to complete projects faster and move on to the next project swiftly!

It's A No-Brainer, Time = Money

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Christina W.

Start Collaborating On ANY Website in Seconds

Simply add a URL in the field and see the magic happen (Any URL)
Free Forever | No Credit Card Required

Save Weeks & Months on Every Single Project.

We’ve analyzed the time saved on more than 120,000 projects that have gone through our system. We found that the average saving is 2 hours per day, per team member(!)

This means more than 2 months per year per team member gained by implementing Atarim.

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