Top 8 Web Design Blogs That You Must Follow In 2023

Inspiration? Meh. Sometimes we all get days when we convince ourselves we have the creativity of a teaspoon.

A beige teaspoon.

It can sometimes be very difficult to create a new design for either yourself or your clients.

We’ve been in your shoes (and worn the laces out, stepped in a few puddles, and lost one temporarily), and that’s why we’ve handpicked some of the best design blogs on the Internet!

These will help you get the spark of inspiration you need to create great designs you and your clients will be truly delighted with.

Plus, following these blog recommendations also ensures you stay on top of design trends.

In this post, we’ll share some of our best design blog recommendations you should follow to stay on top of your design game and continue creating killer designs.

And if the spark of inspiration flickers into life, keep the shoes away. Especially if they’re flip-flops.


Let’s get started!

#1: Atarim

Atarim homepage

Yes, that’s us. Although we might be a bit biased, we believe that you’ll find tons of value and useful information about web design and managing a web design agency on our blog.

Our blog is divided into multiple categories for better organization, including:

  • Design
  • Freelancing
  • Running an agency
  • WordPress
  • Productivity

We base each of our blog posts on our experience and on real-life data, so you can be sure that the advice we give you works.

The blog posts are very easy to read, and feature tons of useful images and practical examples.

Atarim Scrum books post

We often talk about our experiences with clients, or mistakes we’ve made, so you can learn from them and prevent them from happening to you. Aside from guides, we also provide summaries of events and interviews with industry-leading experts. 

Atarim industry-leading expert interviews

Of course, we also have our own visual collaboration tool – the Atarim app.

The Atarim app will help you manage your design work and team better, eliminate back and forth emails, and empower you to work with clients visually.

Paid plans start from just $20 a month, but with Atarim helping you cut delivery times down by 70%, you’ll be saving much more than the price, many times over.

leaving feedback on clients website

Plus, you can also hop on our weekly newsletter to learn more about design trends, client communication, and everything Atarim-related.

Atarim weekly newsletter

#2: Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine homepage

Smashing Magazine is a well-known web design blog that covers every topic around great design, such as web design, accessibility, and usability.

Their blog is nicely organized, so you can instantly jump to what you’re looking for.

Smashing magazine categories

Each of their blog posts is very easy to read, and features plenty of before-after examples, so you immediately know how to apply what you’ve learned.

At the end of each post, you’ll find useful resources, tools, and examples.

Smashing Magazine resources at the end of the blog post

Aside from blog posts, they also offer books and ebooks, workshops, and a community you can join. If you’re looking for design jobs, Smashing Magazine won’t let you down.

They have their own job board where you can either get hired yourself, or hire the designers you need.

Smashing Magazine job board

And in case you’re looking to stay on top of design trends, you can opt in for their weekly newsletter, which is completely FREE.

#3: Dribbble

Dribbble homepage

Dribbble is a reputable design blog that offers a one-stop shop for anyone looking for the newest design tips, tricks, and trends. This blog is especially useful for inspiration since they feature thousands of great design examples for every type of design.

Their blog is divided into categories, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Each of their blog posts is written by industry-leading experts, with tons of examples, statistics, and real-life data – so it’s not only appealing, but also usable.

Dribbble blog post data-driven

Aside from blog posts and guides, you can also find other types of content, such as:

  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Design event summaries
Dribbble podcast

Dribbble also has one of the biggest online job boards for those either looking for design jobs, or hiring.

It’s a very social place too, with a community of 10M+ members, where you can share your design, get a design critique, or engage with new clients, collaborators, and future employers. You can join their community for FREE or pay $8/month for priority visibility.

Dribble pro community

#4: Behance 

Behance homepage

Behance is a design blog from Adobe that offers design updates and inspiration.

Their blog offers a wide variety of design inspiration, although it’s more geared toward connecting professionals together and buying designs from their platform. 

(If you’re looking for guides, tips, or tricks, this isn’t a blog for you.)

Behance blog posts

They have an active job board with 10,000+ designers and 262+ jobs, with new job postings every day.

Behance creative jobs

You can also buy design assets from Behance, currently with 10k+ designs for sale. This includes everything from fonts and templates to vectors. You can use their filters to find what you’re looking for, or use their search bar at the top.

Behance assets

What’s great about their design inspiration is that you can select a few designs you like and Behance will automatically personalize your design inspiration feed for you.

#5: Design Milk

Design Milk homepage

Design Milk is a blog for designers that features a curated selection of the best design work from around the web. 

We found this blog especially useful for architecture and interior design ideas. 

However, they cover design guides and web design inspiration. They’ve got a great blog structure, featuring 25+ different blog categories. Each of their blog posts is very in-depth, including plenty of images.

Design Milk categories

Design Milk also has a YouTube channel if you prefer to watch videos rather than read blog posts. You can find 343+ videos revolving around design inspiration, interviews with industry experts, and design tips.

Design Milk YouTube channel

Plus, if you’re looking for the latest design trends and news, you can also sign up for their email newsletter.

#6: Abduzeedo

Abduzeedo homepage

Abduzeedo is a blog that covers a wide range of topics, from UI and UX design to branding and typography. 

You can also find interviews with leading designers on their website. Plus, they have very in-depth tutorials too.

For instance, one of their latest tutorials is about building an Abduzeedo app, and outlines a step-by-step process of building it from the very beginning. You can also find this tutorial in video form in the Conclusion part (or on their YouTube channel).

Abduzeedo tutorial post example

Abduzeedo’s blog posts are very easy to follow, and feature many images and examples.

Unfortunately, we found the organization of these tutorials isn’t the best. 

It can be challenging to find the tutorial you’re looking for, since each of their tutorials has only a featured image in the blog list – there is no headline or description whatsoever.

Abduzeedo tutorial posts

You will also often encounter annoying ads, which you can get rid of by becoming a paid reader – starting at $3.99 a month.

#7: CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks homepage

CSS Tricks is an excellent platform for web design blogs and web development trends.

This blog is specifically for web designers, featuring the newest web design trends, guides, and fixes on common HTML/CSS/JS issues.

Aside from design articles, you can also get very useful blog posts about:

  • Website security
  • Website accessibility
  • Learning coding languages
CSS Tricks blog posts

Each of their blog posts features step-by-step instructions, examples, and code snippets you can copy and paste to your website. It’s a MUST-READ for every web designer, no matter whether you’re a beginner or an experienced veteran.

You’ll also find an almanac and a web design forum on their website. 

This forum is great – especially when you encounter issues with your web design. You can ask the community to help fix everything web design related very easily. 

CSS Tricks forums

In case you’re looking for videos, CSS Tricks have 211+ videos on their website. You can also find videos on their YouTube channel.

CSS Tricks YouTube channel

They also run a newsletter, which you can opt in for, or find on their website.

#8: Design Week

Design Week homepage

Design Week is one of the leading design magazines around the globe.

Their blog features topics as diverse as design news, graphics, interiors, career advice, and inspiration for your design projects. They have an organized structure, so you can find everything immediately.

Design Week categories

What’s unique about Design Week is their ‘Features’ posts. These include interesting topics such as a day in life of a designer, design industry trends, and interviews.

feature blog posts  design week

Design Week’s blog posts are easy to read, and written in the style of a magazine. It’s like reading a page from your favorite newspaper/news website. 

You can also sign up for their newsletter, where you can choose between three options:

  • Design Week daily newsletter
  • Design Week weekly newsletter
  • Communications from carefully selected organizations

Conclusion – What’s Your Favorite Design Blog?

There is no such thing as the best design blog – everyone prefers something different. But we truly believe that you’ll find your favorite design blog on today’s list.

To find out additional design-related tips and tricks, check out these resources:

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