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Image Based Collaboration

Image Based Collaboration

Last Updated On 2023-12-12

Image-based collaboration allows you to upload your latest mockup, branding, Facebook ad, and any other designs you’re working on to your Atarim Dashboard!

Let’s jump right into everything offered with this feature and how to use it.

How to Add Designs

To get started, you need to head to the Assets screen, which you can find here.

At the top, there is a button “Add Design”, this will make the add design pop-up appear.

On this pop-up, you have two options to add images.

If you click the dropzone you can add files from your PC (or Mac), and you also have the option to drag and drop images inside. Or you can enter a URL, and we will take a full screenshot of the page and add it as a design.

You have the option to upload as many images as you please when creating a design

NOTE: A maximum of 5 designs are allowed on the free plan, with unlimited on all paid plans. Find out more about our plans here.

Once done, click “Create Asset” and you’ll be taken to your newly created design.

Visually Collaborating On Designs

There are three modes you can swap between when visually collaborating on designs.

Comment Mode

By default, when opening up a design asset, you are in comment mode.

This enables you to add stickers to a design. To find out more about collaborating, you can check our how it works on websites here.

Hotspot Creation Mode

To create hotspots, click on the middle icon on the bottom bar. This will automatically close the task sidebar on the right of the screen, you can extend this again by clicking on the arrow.

To create a hotspot, you can click and drag to create squares on the image.

Once you let go, a pop-over will show to give you a few options for the hotspot.

You can link the hotspot to the next design in the series or the previous, or choose a specific design you want this hotspot to link to.

Hotspot Browser Mode

To use the hotspots you have created, you can click the left icon in the middle of the bottom bar.

This will automatically close the left sidebar and show you the hotspots you’ve created on the canvas. When you click the hotspot, it will take you to where you selected inside the pop-over.

Getting Support From Us

If you have any questions or need anything in general, you can always reach us on where we are always happy to help!

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