How To Install The Atarim Chrome Extension

How To Install The Atarim Chrome Extension

Last Updated On 2024-04-08

Atarim for Chrome is the best way to collaborate as you work in your favorite web browser.

Note: Learn more about how to create a project here.

As a quick summary of when Atarim for Chrome will be the ideal choice for you – it’s the perfect choice to collaborate as you browse a website or use a SaaS product. It enables you to collaborate and create comments, reply to comments, change task statuses & more, all from where you work

It’s our personal preference for most work because it enables us to collaborate directly on the site as well as work with things that are behind user authentication (i.e., having to sign in or visit something that’s password-protected, etc.).

To install the Chrome extension, head over to the Chrome Web Store here.

And then simply click Add to Chrome, as shown above.

When prompted, confirm that you want to install the Chrome extension once again by clicking Add extension, as shown below.

Note: The required permissions that Atarim uses are only used for the purposes of enabling you to collaborate on the websites you want to – we only store data related to tasks created that you choose to share with us. And we are SOC 2 compliant.

When you activate your Chrome extension, you’ll be automatically taken to your Atarim dashboard, where the connection to your Atarim account will be established.

If you aren’t logged in yet, you’ll be prompted to log in to proceed, as shown below:

So, if you aren’t logged in – simply log in with your existing Atarim account or create your account. Once the connection has been successfully established, you’ll be taken to the confirmation page to let you know that you’re up & running.

pin the Chrome extension

Any projects that you work on with the Atarim Chrome extension are not limited to collaboration in Chrome. They will remain accessible via Atarim collab links. However, those will (of course) not work for things that are protected by user authentication or password protection.

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