How To Install & Configure The Atarim WordPress Plugin

How To Install & Configure The Atarim WordPress Plugin

Last Updated On 2024-04-12

Installing the Atarim WordPress plugin is perfect for you if you’re deeply integrated into the WordPress ecosystem and want a collaboration experience that doesn’t require generating Atarim collab links or installing the Atarim Chrome extension.

There are also a handful of other reasons:

  • Easier to use Atarim on staging environments that are not publicly accessible on the web (required for 1-click collaboration via URL to work).
  • Enables a task center in your WordPress admin area.
  • Allows clients (i.e., for training purposes) to ask questions directly from their WordPress admin area.
  • Faster collaboration directly on-site where you are as opposed to an Atarim collab link.

So, here’s how to install & configure Atarim for WordPress:

Installing The Atarim WordPress Plugin

To get started, download Atarim from your dashboard – as shown below:

And then install it under Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard:

Or, alternatively, search for it, and add it here directly:

Activating The Atarim WordPress Plugin

Now that it’s installed, it’s time for you to hit activate:

Upon activation, you’ll either see this notice right here:

To proceed, click Activate & Connect.

And then click Activate this website as shown below:

You’ll then be taken to the following page to log in to your Atarim account.

Sidenote: Upon activating the Atarim WordPress plugin, you are usually automatically redirected to the login page, but if you aren’t, simply follow the above steps.

And, once you’re here – to proceed and connect this WordPress site with your Atarim dashboard, simply create your account or sign in to the existing account that you have.

And that’s it! 👏

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