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Last Updated On 2023-06-16

Notifications in Atarim allow your team to stay on top of things and never miss a suggestion or task (which could lead to potential problems or extra work).

You can now use these notifications to help you know about everything that requires your attention – all in one place.

Where Can You See the Notifications?

Click on the Notifications bell in the left menu to see all notifications. You can access this menu from anywhere within your Atarim dashboard.

You can also filter the notifications by switching between the Unread and Read tabs.

What Triggers the Notifications?

Here are the most common triggers for notifications inside Atarim:

  1. A change in the task status.
  2. A change in the task urgency.
  3. A task getting deleted.
  4. A new task was created.
  5. A new user was added.

As you can see, most of these triggers revolve around the tasks, which are the ones that usually require the most attention.

Who Can You Notify?

You don’t necessarily need to notify everyone – and you definitely shouldn’t! You can choose who to send a notification to, so you only notify the people in charge, and avoid spamming your whole team.To choose who you notify, head over to the Boards tab.

From there, select a task you’re working on.

Click on the Notify Team option on the right, and choose who to notify for the given task.

Notifications are a great way to keep fully up to date on what’s happening within a project, making sure you don’t miss important updates or events. By pinging everyone who needs to know, your whole team can stay up-to-date, in the know, and on track.

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