Integrating Dollie

Last Updated On 2024-04-19

Note: Only available on the Atarim Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans.

At Atarim, our mission is to help teams ship their best work. Every improvement we deliver, new feature we ship, and company we partner with serves this mission.

And that means we partner with companies that share our mission. Dollie is a prime example of such a company. There are two core parts to this integration and partnership:

  1. Start collaborating on any website in a single click straight from your Dollie dashboard
  2. Easily view tasks on all of your sites at a glance directly in your Dollie dashboard

Here’s how to configure the Atarim Dollie integration:

1 – Enable The Dollie Integration

Log in to your Atarim dashboard and head over to your Settings, as shown below:

Once there, head to the Integration Settings tab:

From here, you’ll be able to locate and enable the Dollie integration on your account using the toggle as shown below:

2 – Copy Your Atarim API Key

Once enabled, you’ll see an API key that you’re able to copy by clicking the icon highlighted below. Before proceeding, copy this API key – you’ll need it for the next step.

3 – Enable The Atarim Add-on in Dollie

Next, head over to your Dollie Control HQ: 

From there, navigate to the SiteCare & Addons area, as shown below:

On this page, you’ll see a list of all the available add-ons Dollie offers – this is where you’ll find Atarim. To activate the add-on, simply click Activate as shown below:

4 – Enter Your Atarim API Key and Account Email

Once the addon is activated, you’ll now have the option to configure the addon – to proceed, click Configure as shown below:

Dollie will then take you to the Atarim setup page. Here, as prompted, enter:

  1. The Atarim API key you copied earlier.
  2. The email address associated with your Atarim account.

Once entered, hit Save Settings.

And then, to test that Dollie is able to connect to Atarim, click Test API Key.

Assuming your API key is valid and linked to the Atarim account email address you’ve entered, you’ll then see the following success message:

Note: If not, and you run into any issues, feel free to get in touch, and our support team will work with you to get to help you get set up.

Now, when you head over to Sites > View Sites, you’ll see a new column with the heading Atarim that shows the 1-click collaborate button for sites that don’t have a corresponding project in Atarim and the task count associated with your Dollie sites that have a corresponding project in Atarim.

5 – How To Use The Atarim Dollie Integration

Here’s a quick video overview:

So, now that you have activated and configured the Atarim add-on in Dollie, here’s how you can use it. To view tasks, you can click the icon with the task count

From there, you’ll be able to open up a panel in your Dollie dashboard with the tasks that exist on the project in question:

To create a new project so that you & your team (and clients) can get on the same page, simply click the icon below to connect this website to a new project in Atarim.

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