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How To Merge Projects

How To Merge Projects

Last Updated On 2024-04-12

There are a few scenarios where you may end up with multiple projects – both being used to bring your team together for the same work. The most common scenarios for this that we come across are maintaining two setups for staging and production environments and teams wanting to keep things separate for different collaborators involved in projects.

Our merge project tool makes it easy to copy or move tasks from one project to another.

Here’s how:

In your Atarim dashboard, navigate to the Projects view – as shown below:

And, once you’ve made it there, locate the context menu in the top right corner (three vertically stacked dots) – as shown below:

To proceed, simply hit the Merge Sites option. After doing so, you’ll be prompted with the following popup. Here, you’ll be prompted to enter the project you want to move or copy tasks from as well as the project you would like those tasks to be copied or moved to.

Moving will remove the sites from the source project & simply move them over to the new project.

Copying will duplicate tasks from the source project to the destination project.

Once you’ve selected the projects you’d like to merge you’ll be shown a preview of the tasks you’ll be moving (use this to double-check you’re moving or copying tasks from the correct project).

To proceed, simply hit Migrate Tasks:

And when prompted to confirm, do so by clicking Move Tasks:

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