Integrating Asana

Last Updated On 2023-12-08

In this article, we’ll take you through step-by-step on how to integrate Asana into Atarim. You’ll be able to manually and automatically push tasks into Asana from Atarim, and pull entire task lists from Asana straight into your Dashboard, ensuring your tasks are always in sync.

Getting Started

First, we need to head to the integrations tab inside settings and enable Asana inside your Dashboard.

Once enabled, you need to click on the “Connect button”. This is to start the process of connecting your Asana account to Atarim.

All you need to do is click “Allow”, this will connect your Asana account to Atarim, you’ll then be taken back to your Dashboard to choose the workspace and team you’d like to push tasks to.

Once you’ve selected your workspace and team, you’ll then have the option to turn on automatic pushing of tasks.

Manually Pushing Tasks

After the integration is setup, you can start pushing tasks manually to your selected project inside your Dashboard’s Inbox.

Choose a project and section for Asana, and click on “Create Task On Asana”. This will push it to your Asana account.

Automatically Pushing Tasks

To set up automatic pushing of tasks, you need to toggle it on inside your Asana integration settings.

Now this is on, any tasks that are created inside your websites that are on your Dashboard will be manually pushed to Asana.

Deploying Tasks Lists From Asana

You can pull in full task lists from your Asana account and assign it to a website inside your Dashboard. This feature can be found inside the Inbox screen on your Dashboard.

A pop-up will appear where you can select the project, and section list you’d like to pull. And the website and user you’d like to assign it to.
You can also set these tasks as internal, which will hide this from your clients. 

All you need to do next is click “Deploy Task” and it’ll pull all of the tasks from Asana into the website you chose.

If for any reason you cannot set up your Jira account with your Atarim Dashboard, please reach out to us via and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to get you sorted!

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