Integrating Basecamp

Integrating Basecamp

Last Updated On 2024-04-09

Note: Only available on the Atarim Pro, Business, and Enterprise Plans.

With this integration, you can create an amazing workflow between Basecamp and Atarim.

You can automatically push all tasks that are made inside all of your assets to Basecamp, pull in entire task lists from Basecamp to Atarim and push specific tasks to a chosen task list from Atarim to Basecamp.

In this article, we’ll take you through how to get started and what you can do with this integration.

Connecting Basecamp Account

First, you need to head to your settings screen inside the Atarim Dashboard.

Inside the settings, click on the integrations settings tab.

Scroll down to find the Basecamp integration and enable it.

Turning this on will give you access to the button to connect your Basecamp account.

If you are already logged into Basecamp, you’ll see a new screen pop-up for you to confirm

NOTE: If you are not logged in, this screen will pop-up after you login to Basecamp.

Clicking on “Yes, I’ll allow access” will successfully connect your account. Which you’ll see by the button now saying “Reconnect”.

Manually Pushing Tasks To Basecamp

Now that your accounts are connected, you will see some new options inside the Atarim Dashboard Inbox.

Inside the task attributes, you now have the option to push a singular task into a Project’s Todo list. Choose the project, and Todolist you would like and click on “Create Task On Basecamp”.

By doing so you will then see this task inside Basecamp. It includes who created the task, a link back to your Atarim Dashboard for this task, the status, priority, the generated automatic screenshot AND all of the comments inside that task.

This gives you an awesome option to keep everything connected to ensure nothing is every missed!

Pulling In Basecamp Tasks To Atarim

You can choose a Todo list that is inside Basecamp and pull in all tasks from it, and assign it to an asset inside your Atarim Dashboard.

To get started, press the “Deploy Tasks” button inside the inbox of your Atarim Dashboard.

This will show the pop-up with a few options to choose which tasks you want to pull in.

First you need to choose a Basecamp project list, this will dictate which Todo List’s show in the second option.

You then need to pick a website of where you want to deploy the tasks from the Todo List you have chosen. You then have the option to assign all of these new tasks to a team member inside your Atarim Dashboard.

By ticking this box, all tasks pulled in will be created as internal tasks, find out more about internal tasks here.

By clicking on “Deploy Task”, you will then be taken to the website you chose with all of the new tasks added from your chosen Todo List.

Automatically Pushing Tasks To Basecamp

You have the option to automatically push ALL tasks that are created using Atarim, to a specific project and Todo list inside Basecamp.

To turn automatic pushing on, we need to head to the integration settings.

By turning this on, you’ll have the option to choose a Project and Todo list where you’d like tasks to be pushed to.

Once done, click save. Now, let’s go and create a task on one of our websites.

And boom, this task will be created inside the list we chose inside Basecamp.

And that’s it! If you are using Basecamp along side Atarim, this integration will ensure that you never miss any tasks that are being created visually by your clients.

Getting Support From Us

If you have any questions or need anything in general, you can always reach us on where we are always happy to help!

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