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Upgrade Your Agency With The First All In One Solution For Hosting And Visual Collaboration

Combine Rocket.net and Atarim to create a full solution for your Digital Agency. Manage your client and team collaboration, create staging enviroments with one click and manage the hosting of your websites, all from one platform.

Start Collaborating On ANY Website in Seconds:

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Collaborate Visually, on a... Visual Project

Save a lot of time and double productivity with a visual point & click proven system. Ending misunderstanding and back & forth with clients.

Clarity For Your Team, While Empowering Clients

Requests are organized for you in your dashboard, allowing your team to easily take care of your clients from one platform.

Centralized Communications Throughout Your Agency

Create an easy workflow for you and your team, taking all of your client’s requests from start to finish, inside one single platform dedicated to agencies.

How Atarim & Rocket.net Makes It Easy To Manage Your Clients' Websites

Be In sync, always

Manage Your Websites' Hosting From Atarim

Let’s say you need some FTP details for one of your clients’ websites, you need to go to your hosting provider, login and find them.

With this integration, you can manage all aspects of your website hosting.

Update and install plugins, manage files and backups, view logs and reporting, all directly from your Atarim Agency Dashboard.


Clearer Requests For Faster Work

A New Way To Collaborate With Your Clients

Inside your Rocket.net Dashboard, simply click one button to start collaborating with your clients inside Atarim.

Instead of emails, Whatsapp, video calls and the 10 other traditional method of communications you are using, empower your clients to leave you post-it note-like requests on their websites.

Building a website is purely visual, your collaboration should be too.

No More Constant Back and Forth

Let Atarim Give You All The Info You Need

When our client’s send us requests, 9 times out of 10 it will require us to ask some questions to get more information to actually complete the task.

With Atarim every request carries all the info you need to get straight to work, including: screen size, browser and even an automated screenshot of your client’s view when they made the request.

Your clients can be as vague as humanly possible and you’ll still know what you need to do!

Streamlined Workflows & Unmatched Speed!

We’ve been following Atarim ever since their Web Agency Summit, and after seeing their product and strategy, I knew we had to work together. At Rocket.net, customer success is in our DNA.

After seeing Atarim in action, I knew it was a must have for our agency clients to ensure maximum success.

With our integration, we’re able to help agencies streamline their day-to-day without having to login to multiple systems. With Atarim and Rocket, everyone involved enjoys streamlined workflows and unmatched speed. And that’s priceless!

Ben Gabler - Founder of Rocket.net


Create New Staging Enviroments From Atarim

Easily and quickly create staging websites on Rocket.net from your Agency Dashboard.

Name the website, set the username, email and password of the WordPress account and automatically install the Atarim Client Interface Plugin to start collaborating.

You also have the option to add the website straight into your Agency Dashboard with a simple toggle!


collaborate from rocket.net

One Click Collaboration From Rocket.net

Inside your Rocket.net Dashboard, simply click one button to start collaborating on a website.

This means no matter which Dashboard you are logged in to, you will always have access to your client requests and all of your hosting settings for your websites, streamling your workflow to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! To get started, all you need to do is enter a URL into the field above and follow the sign up process and you can use Atarim’s core features for free!

You can get started with Rocket.net for just $1, and try out the fastest WordPress hosting we’ve ever seen!

You can use it with an unlimited amount of websites on the free plan, giving you the opportunity to test this out properly for your entire network of websites.

Yes. Atarim is designed to work with any theme or page builder available on the market.

It can also be used with ANY type of website, it doesn’t have to be WordPress.

We accept all the major credit cards & debit cards.

All payments are processed securely through Stripe.

To use Atarim on your websites, you do not need to install anything. Simply click on the collaborate button inside your Rocket.net Dashboard and we’ll pull in this website to your Agency Dashboard

Yes! Once you join Atarim’s users, you’re practically part of the family!

You can reach out to support@atarim.io with any questions you may have and our team of support engineers and customer care experts will be delighted to provide you solutions.

Plus, you can always pop a question into our Facebook group and either us or other users will be happy to help.

Of course.

You can upgrade to any plan at any time, whatever works for you.

Start Collaborating and
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Start Collaborating On ANY Website in Seconds:

Free Forever | No Credit Card Required

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Start Collaborating On ANY Website in Seconds

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Free Forever | No Credit Card Required